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Willard K Willis

Little is known about Willard Willis. We know nothing of his level of education, where he lives, or what he does to earn a living. He reveals very little while speaking with the study group. He does disclose that he pursues a couple of leisure interests, occasionally sips a little whiskey, and appears possibly to have a technical background. It becomes apparent that he has some experience in organized religion, although he soundly rejects it along with the behavioral sciences.

He has been asked to address people in a small group regarding the condition of man. He has addressed them on at least one previous occasion, but it has not been revealed how this came about. Little is known about the group. We do not know how or why the group was started or their intended subject of study. Some of the participants are there for the first time, while others have previously heard Willard speak. We hear the names of only three participants in the group, one of who answers to the name of Ed and is apparently a friend or acquaintance of Willard.

Several subjects are addressed during the discourse, most of which are covered briefly. Willard finds himself “hammering away” at some basic points with acknowledged redundancy because he has ascertained that although the observations he describes are not complex, people can grasp them only temporarily and intellectually. As the basics seem to rapidly slip away, people then fall back into the lifelong habits of “seeing” with convention. He repeatedly tries to bring them back to a handful of basic observations or ideas as he shakes down commonly accepted ideologies. Chipping away relentlessly at the foundations of “world” ideas, he concedes that he may not have made a dent in the life of anyone.

Willard is having the discourse audio recorded so that he will be able to provide a transcript for those that have asked for written information.

The text has been edited for readability. Most of the breaks in the discourse have been eliminated for continuity.



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