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This account of a fictional discourse is led by a mysterious gentleman by the name of Willard K. Willis, who was asked by a discussion group to present his unorthodox view of life, which is both pragmatic and spiritual.  Together, members of the group discuss the limitations of man, the nature of divinity, and the perception of good and bad.

Early in the discussion, Willard uses the example of riding a bicycle to demonstrate that we don’t really possess as much knowledge as we think we do; an unseen force knows how to correct a crash-course before man’s awareness function has a chance to figure it out, and the body receives its instruction from that  unseen source.  Some people call it God, some call it Creative Intelligence, and some call it The Great Spirit.  Willard calls it “Delta.”

As the discourse progresses, participants explore answers to questions like “Who am I?”, “Where did I come from?”, “Why am I here?”, and “Where am I going?”.  Topics include, among others: spiritual practices, religion, culture, emotions, mysticism, and personal responsibility.

After reading the day’s transcripts, a friend of Willard’s remarked that it reminded him of Plato’s account of the discussions of Socrates.



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