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E. Karl Pierson

Author E. Karl Pierson wrote this book in the conversational style through which he was introduced to these concepts by his mentor, Robert P. Gibson, also known as Rhondell. The fictional character, Willard K. Willis, was created to deliver the personal observations and experiences that have affirmed, for Mr. Pierson, the validity of not only these ancient philosophies of man, but those of others who’ve influenced him over the last 40 years, as well.

As per Gibson’s instruction that individuals test, validate and reject or modify “The Teachings” for themselves, Pierson presents a simplified picture of man, drawing on ancient sources, both for the benefit of those who would have it, and for the satisfaction of a straight-forward argument in which serious sparring partners are few and far between. He considers these ideas to be of great value, though recognized by few others, and difficult to convey by other means.

Mr. Pierson asserts that we have an innate ability to question and test the ideas of man and the man-made world for ourselves, though few people see the necessity or have the will to do so. This innate ability, shared by virtually all, combined with his common existence, is what qualifies him to write about ideas and observations of the living process. In fact, Mr. Pierson considers the suggestion that one’s views must be certified or sanctioned by an institution by means of a degree or credential program is a fallacy, and moreover an impediment to “seeing” with clarity and completeness, and that no one needs third-party certification to examine and test ideas regarding the process of living. Readers are encouraged to neither accept nor reject the ideas that Willard Willis expresses without testing for themselves, using the experience of their own lives as the only required testing field.

Mr. Pierson is in his sixties, is married, has children and grandchildren, has worked in the business machine and automotive industries, and designed and had produced an automotive testing device. He also has interests in hunting, fishing, equestrian sports, music, painting, residential design drafting for his own homes, and a wide variety of other interests.



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