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Extra Sensory Perception and the Paranormal November 27, 2010

Posted by ekarlpierson in 30) ESP and the Paranormal.
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PARTICIPANT: You made comments about our limitations and our phony beliefs in many areas. Are you saying that you don’t believe that any area of ESP or the paranormal at all?

WW: Parlor tricks are what they used to call them. No, I’m not a believer. We didn’t come equipped with a receiver for E.S.P. If we did have a receiver, we’re not equipped with a tuner or an on-off switch. Where would you draw the line on how much perception a person would receive? There are billions of people in the world who are supposedly cranking out some sort of psychic waves, and if you listen to so-called psychics or similar self-deluded individuals, there are billions of ghosts out there somewhere that are cranking out more waves. Are we to believe that a psychic has the ability and equipment to sort out all of these waves or signals and focus on one signal and make sense of it?

These people call it a gift. I would call it a curse. There are few individuals out there who can handle their own trolls, let alone the trolls of others. Can you imagine what a horror your life would be to possess psychic powers?

Earlier, we went over the idea of being able to see the future, but let’s look at a different angle. If you could see the future, how much of the future would you be able to see? Would you see small snippets or would you see it all? If you saw the world trade center collapse a day ahead of time, from whose or what perspective would you see it? Would you see it from the North or the South? Would you see it from a high angle or a low angle? What possible mechanism would determine the distance and angles from which you would see? Perhaps you would see it from all angles. Would you see it through another person’s eyes? What about the psychics who see an event when there were no witnesses? When is the future event transmitted to the present?Okay, let’s take all of these questions and come up with some a few axioms that must apply to this subject of seeing the future. It would be senseless to drop the ball on this before we make it complete.

If the future were available to see, then it must be available for the entire mass of the universe, not just a certain area as Earth, otherwise the laws of the universe would change at, let’s say a thousand miles off the surface of the Earth. Similarly, the entire future must be available, billions of years ahead or for eternity. Otherwise the future would have some arbitrary cutoff point where the information ceases to be available, at let’s say 241 years.

Similarly, every angle of view of the event must be available to view and it must be available in its entirety and all at once, unlike the snippets of information we pull up from the Internet, or are we to believe that the universe is as fragmented as man’s awareness function? Absurd! What type of infinitely huge computer do the psychics use to sort this out?

We could go on and on with the faults and fallacies of precognition, psycho-kinesis, dousing rods, and all the similar ideas that can be easily debunked from a technical standpoint. If you’d like to pursue that interest, there is a professional magician by the name of James Randi who has investigated such things for decades. I read a book that he wrote many years ago. Back then, he offered a prize of $10,000 to anyone who could successfully perform a paranormal event under scientifically observable conditions and methods, such as double blind testing. Today the prize money has been increased to the amount of $1,000,000. The last time I checked on it, not a single person has ever been able to collect on the prize money. The information on this is really very interesting and you can find more about it on the Internet, if that’s something you’re interested in.

For our purposes today, my interest is more on the esoteric side. Even when a person is shown, strictly from a technical standpoint, that the paranormal is a fraudulent idea, that it is impossible, that if it were true it would be a horrible existence, they go right on and believe it anyway. What in the world is going on that a person chooses to believe in something in the face of incontrovertible evidence that it cannot be? I’ve met a slew of people over the years who believe in everything from astrology to foot reflexology to alien abduction.

One way to approach this phenomenon is to take a close look at the believers and look for common threads, common traits. They are confused, have a perception of chaos, and seek meaning to life. Their purpose for living—to evade the disturbances of life—has failed them because life is a series of disturbances, and eventually this person becomes insecure. Like almost everyone else, they have never noticed that a disturbance is really the gift of resistance in disguise. Seeking out and believing in the paranormal is an attempt to have order instead of chaos and to give meaning where their purpose for living has failed. They seek out increasingly more paranormal beliefs, refusing critical thinking and critical observation because without the belief in the paranormal, they fear that they would have nothing left or that their world would turn to more chaos. Converse to their belief, they move deeper and deeper into chaos.

This, again, is an idea we have that works against us instead of for us. Increasing belief in the paranormal results in more of a sense of chaos. Dropping beliefs moves toward order.
It’s very difficult to turn someone around when they insist on being a believer. When I was much younger, I tried to turn people around on such beliefs by using logic and critical evaluation, but I was never able to make a dent. It’s not that there’s something wrong with logic, but it must be combined with an honest reevaluation of self, its ideals and trolls, or it will be all to no avail. My effort was however, an interesting experiment.

PARTICIPANT: You brought up the subject of logic. One of my pet peeves is that logic seems to be so difficult for so many people. People use logic in an illogical, irrational way. It’s hard to understand how simple logic can escape so many.

WW: I have a clue to that. Logic is a tool, as is a hammer or a saw. Tools can be misused, used for unintended purposes, damaged, or even used as a weapon. Logic, in the hands of a person who sees fragmentally as a normal way of life, misuses the tool of logic in an effort to prove that a belief is true. It’s very difficult, perhaps impossible, to teach logical reasoning to someone who is not honest with himself. I’ve found that a person with a fractured awareness will misuse logic when in regard to the subjects we’ve gone over today. I’ll admit to being dogmatic on that point. I’ve seen it so often, in so many people. That misuse of logic often extends to other areas of their lives. Logic is a great tool, but it can’t be the answer alone. I often lean on logic in my discussions with others, but I’ve noticed that a moment later, the person will, as you said, carry on with logic in an illogical manner.

Back to the subject of the so-called paranormal, there is an interesting point that can be observed among those who supposedly have psychic visions of the future. Have you ever noticed that an overwhelming percentage of their predictions are revelations of doom and gloom, famine, war, death, and destruction? What do you think this has to say about their inner picture? Do you suppose that the inner picture of psychics and seers is as dismal as their predictions? How many of the great seers foresaw the terrific scientific and technical advances of the 20th century that made the life of the average working person more fantastic than the lives of kings of the past?

There is another area that I could cover that is somewhat related to this matter. That subject would be clairvoyance, of which I would say there are two types: the phony type and the real thing. I looked up the word clairvoyance and found that it comes from French words, “clear” and “vision.” The phony version of clear vision is, of course, the belief that one has E. S. P. There may be another clairvoyant experience that’s genuine. That experience may come about as the result of self-observation. A person experiencing genuine clairvoyance looks at other persons and sees through them as if they were living in a glass house. This is not some parlor trick that can be exhibited for demonstration or acclaim. It’s the experience of looking at others and seeing them as if they are being animated by their trolls, their conditioning—to see them struggling toward their ideals—to see the effort to be non-disturbed. It’s an experience whereby others may appear to be puppets on a string, so to speak—an experience where there is a realization that one is not speaking to the awareness function of another person, but instead to a troll.

This stark realization, this exposure of another person’s conditioning, makes it clear as to why it’s so difficult to break through the wall to someone. It’s as if you were to knock on a person’s door, only to have it answered by an impersonator who will not allow the real person to be contacted. This clairvoyance is not something that can be conjured up by any means or method, it just happens. A person cannot be a clairvoyant or own the experience, it just happens.