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A Picture of Man July 3, 2011

Posted by ekarlpierson in 02) A Picture of Man.

WW: I think we’re ready to get out our pencils and papers so we can draw a picture of man.  This will be somewhat of an abstract picture, but it’s designed to serve our purpose of understanding self, esoterically speaking.

There are only three main parts to this picture, four if we count the result.  First there is the physical body or instrument that we could represent by a small circle, about one inch in diameter near the bottom of the page.  This covers everything including the brain and its neurons, internal organs, glands, bones and all.

Inner man, represented by a circle about three inches in diameter, is placed above the first circle so that the edges of the circles are touching.  This is man’s awareness function, not his brain.  The awareness function can only do two things.  First, it can determine if a given piece of information garnered from without or within is true, false, or possibly needs more investigation.  If the information is false, it can simply be tossed out or disregarded.  If the information is true, the awareness function can place a value on it determine if some type of action will be called for.  This brings us to the third part of the picture of man.

PARTICIPANT:  Wait a minute.  You said to determine if something is true or false, but what’s true for one person may not be true for everyone.

WW:  Nearly everything that we’ll discuss today will fit everyone.  You and I see only a certain spectrum of light rays.  We don’t see ultra violet or infrared, and neither does anyone else.  It’s true for everyone.

PARTICIPANT:  But we all see things differently and all have differing beliefs.

WW:  Quite true.  People have all kinds of beliefs and varying ways of seeing things, but none of that changes the facts.  I’m concerned with a common picture of all of us.  People may view themselves and the outer world in strange and fanciful ways, but we can’t go into each person’s strange and twisted view; each must do their own search in that respect.  We’ll talk more about beliefs later.  For now, let’s go back to our picture—a picture of everyman.

Let’s draw a half-circle… the bottom half of a circle, taking up almost the full width of the page, and place it above and touching the second circle.  The half circle is open at the top to symbolize its immensity.  This represents what I might call Delta with a capital D.  It really doesn’t matter what you call it, but rather only that we recognize it.

Let us suppose that you are riding a bicycle down a winding path, making a right hand turn, and the bicycle begins to tip to the left.  Which way do you turn the handlebars to make the necessary correction? … Too late!  It took you too long to figure it out and you just crashed your bike.  The truth is, we don’t need to figure it out because all we do is determine what is true and place a value on it, and then Delta calculates the engineering requirements and sends the correct information to the instrument or physical body to perform the physical requirements.  You might say that the awareness function wills something to be done and Delta handles the rest.

Infants and children are living with Delta long before they learn a language.  Look closely at infants and small children and you can almost see their internal communication with feelings.  I’m not one of those “touchy feely” advocates; I’m trying to give credit where credit is due.  Delta, Delta, Delta.  We don’t walk, talk, or even think without Delta pulling up the information and activating it.

I said that there was one more part to the picture of man.  That would be outward expression.  That’s the result of the interaction of the first three elements of the picture of man.  It’s simple.  We do things, we say things, we act out, and we have physiological events take place in the body.  We can represent this fourth part, outward expression, with lines radiating from the physical body.  Any direction, it makes no difference.

This all works very simply.  The awareness function has perception from the outside or the inside.  The continuous stream of perception goes to Delta by a code of feeling that we’ll cover in more detail as we go.  All of that which we feel goes directly to Delta.  Let’s represent this feeling by a small arrow going up from the awareness function into the Delta half circle.

Delta acts upon that information by sending the necessary directions to the physical body.  As a result, the body and its components are made active.  Lets represent this action by Delta with a line off to one side with an arrowhead going from Delta to the physical body.

PARTICIPANT:  This picture…this description doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen or read about in any of my spiritual or religious literature.  Why haven’t we seen this around before this?  Is this something new?

WW: I can be quite sure that you haven’t seen this exact picture before, but the ideas have been around for millennia or perhaps for as long as man.  What we’re looking at here is a somewhat abstract yet observable picture.  When we’re finished with this holiday picnic that we’re having, further inspection may show that we’re not talking about a manmade ideology like behaviorism or voodoo, but rather, a basic, verifiable picture from where to begin seeing self.

PARTICIPANT:  This picture makes sense to me but I can’t see that it’s really significant or that knowing about it is going to really change anything.  I mean, okay so this is the way it works.  So I’ll just move on and let it work that way.  I still have the same problems to deal with.  Am I not getting the point of all this?

WW:  So far we have only shown how things were designed to work.  In practice, that isn’t all that happens because we haven’t put in the self-destructive part.  I think we can best address your concerns or questions by moving on.   We’re ready for the next thing to put in our picture.  This is where everything turns to crap.  Let’s divide up the awareness function circle into three parts…sort of like pieces of a pie or a pie chart.  Three lines from the center of the circle dividing it into a lower third, an upper left third, and an upper right third.

We’ll look at the lower third first.  This is the most basic decision that we have made, possibly at birth or sometime shortly thereafter.   Infants are only worried about physical pleasure and pain, but as we grow older we want to gain pleasure mentally and in our personal power over others.   At the younger ages, a child doesn’t care anything about approval, but it soon develops.  We desire to be approved of and find it painful to be criticized, even if only in someone else’s thoughts.  We like to have the power over other individuals to get them to do what they “ought to do” or “ought not to do.”  We don’t want them to do anything to disturb us.

PARTICIPANT:  How about masochists?

WW:  They like the pain, so I hear.  They’re still chasing pleasure; they just have a different idea of it.  I like Limburger cheese with raw onions on bread or crackers, but my wife considers that to be a painful experience.  None of this changes our picture of man, but it is an interesting point.



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